Zoom MultiBoot CD 2016 Lite
: Zoom MultiBoot CD 2016 Lite


Zoom MultiBoot CD 2016 Lite

Size: 2040MB
System: Win/Android/MAC/Linux
Medizin: Key/Patch
Password: No.Pom.Day

+ Language support: Vietnamese, English (since v9.2016 RC17)
+ Supports standard parallel LEGACY and UEFI (including EFI_x86 and EFI_x86_64) - Hybrid UEFI
+ Support on the boot partition FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, ReiserFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFS, HFS +
+ Support boot from the CD / DVD and memory Card (SD Card), USB, HDD, HDDBox, ...
+ Support call and install the ISO of the Linux operating system platforms as : Ubuntu, CentOS, LinuxMint, Debian, Google Android, Linux Kali, WifiSlax, Slax, ...
+ GRUB2 current latest version v2.0.2-Beta3
+ The WinPE version can be accessed online, music, video location, ...
+ Win7PE, upgraded Win10PE latest applications
+ upgraded Mini Windows XP applications / latest Driver + add interesting features
+ the DOS tool gently and effectively
+ can integrated add, delete menu, the other tool, other ISO, ... to the disk arbitrary
+ Support call AnhDV Windows PE and the other in the second WinPE LEGACY and UEFI mode (including EFI_x86 and EFI_x86_64)
+ interface ... cruel
+ Boot quickly !.

2. ISO Pack 2 (Lite ISO):
+ This package includes: PartedMagic_12_07_2016, Acronis® True Image ™ 2016 build 6571, DOS Tools Tools, Kaspersky Rescue Disk (DATA 10/02/2016), Apps (Windows), the package Driver (Windows), MiniXP, Win10PE_x86, Win10PE_x64 (build by AnhDV)
+ Storage: 2,03GB
+ MD5 of Lite ISO: BA3EDDC5524B2EB45364EE978224B5F6
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  • Passwort: No.Pom.Day
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