Urban Bagger 12 2017
: Urban Bagger 12 2017


Urban Bagger - December 2017
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 208 MB

Since launching Urban Bagger in 2010, the growth Continues to be incredible. The editorial focus places a strong emphasis on the lifestyles and cultures these riders experience. These readers are hungry for information and we provide it through our tech articles, product reviews and event coverage. We quickly realized that this market has prevalence for misinformation concerning the right way to customize a Bagger. Through our in - depth tech articles, we are not only educating our readers on the correct way to install parts, but we are expanding their knowledge of the vast array of parts available. Urban Bagger is the only national motorcycle magazine that serves this niche and the only magazine that can deliver the hardcore endemic content as well as the culture and lifestyle.
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