Fortune In 11 2017
: Fortune In 11 2017


Fortune India - November 2017
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Fortune India is published monthly in English, through a licence agreement between Time Inc., the publisher of Fortune (US) and Kolkata - based ABP Group, one of Indias largest media companies.The first issue of Fortune India was published in September 2010 with Dibyendra Nath Mukerjea as the Editor and Pavan Varshnei as the President. In October 2011, the publication celebrated its first anniversary with a double issue.

***This is the seventh edition of the MPW rankings, and a surprising number of women have been on this list from year one. A sample fun fact: Eight of the top 10 this year have been on every list so far. This year has been somewhat different because many of the high - ranking stalwarts have fallen off the list, some because theyve retired, others because theyve taken on global roles. But there are plenty more to take their place. Among the new faces on this years list, theres Alice Vaidyan, head of Indias largest reinsurer GIC. She led GICs successful IPO, which makes it the second - largest public sector financial services company. State Bank of India is the largest. (Talking of SBI, its chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya retired this year. We hope to see her on the list next year too in some other capacity.)The other new face is that of Nisaba Godrej, who was recently made executive chairperson of Godrej Consumer Products. As a rule, we do not rank heirs and spouses unless they are clearly the ones taking key decisions. And, as associate editor Pavan Lall says persuasively, Nisa Godrej has been taking decisions even before she was put entirely in charge.Theres a lot more, but well leave you to discover that in the following pages.***
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