Teaching and Learning in Medieval Europe
: Teaching and Learning in Medieval Europe


English | 2017 | ISBN: 2503568432 | 249 Pages | PDF | 4.9 MB

Over the span of his career, Gernot R. Wieland has been actively engaged in the contribution and promotion of the study of medieval literature, particularly in Anglo - Latin and Old English. From his early work on glosses in Anglo - Saxon manuscripts, to his later editorial work for The Journal of Medieval Latin, Wieland has provided the field with diverse, diligent, and creative scholarship. The contributors of this volume aim to honour the significance of Wielands teaching and learning in the literature of medieval Europe by presenting him with fourteen essays on varied aspects of medieval Latin literature. The first half of the volume, which deals with aspects of the educational history of Anglo - Saxon England as well as the dynamic interplay between Latin and the vernacular, corresponds to Wielands own research interests. The essays of this section on Anglo - Saxon curricula, glosses, commentaries, and translation are indebted to the scholarly conversations that Wieland participated in with his own publications. The second half of the volume examines elements of Latin literature from the twelfth to the sixteenth century, all of which well represent Wielands diverse philological and literary interests. Essays on scholastic literary terminology, English historiography, concepts of nature, and a Latin epic, display Wielands wider interests in the teaching and learning of medieval Latin literature.
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