Stalingrad Day by Day
: Stalingrad Day by Day


Jason Turner, "Stalingrad Day by Day"
2012 | ISBN - 10: 0785828923 | 192 pages | EPUB | 34 MB
This is a chronological account of the battle that inflicted a heavy defeat on the German Wehrmacht. With the aid of full color maps and first hand accounts, the book explains how the Germans initially made vast territorial conquests during the opening phases of Operation Blue, their 1942 offensive in southern Russia. But then the Sixth Army was drawn into a war of attrition in the rubble of Stalingrad, where the mobility and firepower of the panzers counted for nothing.

Key Selling Points
• New examinations of this perennially interesting battle
• Includes newly - discovered photographs and information from Soviet archives
• First - hand accounts feature heavily, bringing home the grim reality of urban fighting
• Strategic overview of Operation Blue, the codename of the 1942 German offensive in Russia
• Detailed timeline chapters allow the reader to put the Stalingrad battle in a strategic context
• Comparison of the fighting techniques and weapons employed by the Germans and Soviets in 1942
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