How to Castrate a Bull Unexpected Lessons on Risk Growth and Success in Business
: How to Castrate a Bull Unexpected Lessons on Risk Growth and Success in Business


How to Castrate a Bull: Unexpected Lessons on Risk, Growth, and Success in Business by Dave Hitz, Pat Walsh
English | January 20, 2009 | ISBN: 0470345233 | EPUB | 208 pages | 0.3 MB
Dave Hitz likes to solve fun problems. He didnt set out to be a Silicon Valley icon, a business visionary, or even a billionaire. But he became all three. It turns out that business is a mosaic of interesting puzzles like managing risk, developing and reversing strategies, and looking into the future by deconstructing the past.

As a founder of NetApp, a data storage firm that began as an idea scribbled on a placemat and now takes in $4 billion a year, Hitz has seen his company go through every major cycle in business—from the Jack - of - All - Trades mentality of a start - up, through the tumultuous period of the IPO and the dot - com bust, and finally to a mature enterprise company. NetApp is one of the fastest - growing computer companies ever, and for six years in a row it has been on Fortune magazines list of Best Companies to Work For. Not bad for a high school dropout who began his business career selling his blood for money and typing the names of diseases onto index cards.

With colorful examples and anecdotes, How to Castrate a Bull is a story for everyone interested in understanding business, the reasons why companies succeed and fail, and how powerful lessons often come from strange and unexpected places.

Dave Hitz co - founded NetApp in 1992 with James Lau and Michael Malcolm. He served as a programmer, marketing evangelist, technical architect, and vice president of engineering. Presently, he is responsible for future strategy and direction for the company. Before his career in Silicon Valley, Dave worked as a cowboy, where he got valuable management experience by herding, branding, and castrating cattle.
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